Winter in Pontsian

We moved here towards the end of the summer, while shielding and have been shielding ever since. This means that we have hardly been able to explore the area and are still constantly surprised by what the weather brings. We moved in between two named storms and saw trees toppling in high winds.

The weather apps don’t seem to have a location for us here. We get lumped in with either Llandysul or Talgarreg. Neither are far away but Llandysul is towards the mountains but at a much lower altitude and Talgarreg is on the other side of the hills but closer to the sea. We can look all we like at the weather forecasts but they barely ever accurately predict what is going on outside the window.

We’ve had temperatures in January as low as -8 but during the recent ‘Beast From The East’ when everyone was talking of snow, we had desperately cold winds but no snow and an alarming reading on the weather monitor of -9.2!

We had snow over the Christmas period and large amounts of the white stuff in January. Its always a surprise to look out the window and see what has blown in.

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